Damus AltairStrickland Turnaround Services is a joint venture Company formed in 2007
between DAMUS Limited of Trinidad and AltairStrickland of Texas, USA. The Company was
formed to provide world-class turnaround services to the petrochemical sector of Trinidad, the
greater Caribbean and South America. As the name implies, we are a specialty contractor
providing turnaround services that are built on the complementary capabilities of two highly
successful companies.

DATSU offers management and execution of a broad range of services necessary to complete
large scale and technically complex projects on a turnkey basis, We are one of the few
Companies in the region to hold both ASME and NBIC code stamps. We are authorized to
perform repairs to pressure vessels boiles and power piping.

Since 2008, we have repaired and installed nameplates on over fifty pressure vessels and have
developed a reputation for providing excellence in weld quality on an array of materials up to
five inches thick.

DATSU has an unparalleled reputation for safety and excellence in engineering, planning and
executing heavy lifts up to 500 Tonnes. Subsequently we are one of the best equipped and most
highly trained rigging contractors available in the region.