The Group

A Part of something Larger…

DATSU’s Parent company, AltairStrickland comes under the umbrella of the RepconStrickland group of companies, owned by EMCOR, one of the largest construction and service companies in the United States, publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE]. Included in the RepconStrickland group are five specialty service companies with a combined over 100 years of experience specializing in services to the refining, petrochemical and power industries.
  • The benefits to our clients from of our global support , is one that allows integration of services from the depth of our service network which has acquired hundreds of years of combined experience in specialty areas, from rigging and heavy lifts to specialty welding,  exchangers, refractory etc. providing the latest in cutting edge technology and methods.
  • DATSU can also rely on these US based companies for state of the art resources and modern technology that can be in high demands during peak periods in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Energy industry locally.
  • The ability to bring the credibility and cost savings available as part of the larger group via a well developed supply chain in the procurement of a wide range of materials and components. This gives us the flexibility and ability to mobilize technology and  resources when necessary to assist our customers in optimizing their production..