Case Study – Methanex Autothermal Reformer Repair

DATSU with a reputation for expertise in heavy wall pressure shell repairs on reactors was called in for consultation when Methanex had discovered major defects in the 3-1/2” thick lower weld on their by 24’ diameter chrome pressure shell of the Autothermal Reformer. This project was further complicated by the presence of refractory brick and catalyst on the vessel internal that would not permit any work from the inside or stress relieving of the shell. DATSU attended several meetings with experts from seven countries present to advise Methanex on a viable solution for executing such repair. After evaluating a variety of options Methanex opted to go with DATSU’s proposed repair plan and contracted us to execute the repair works associated with the project.

DATSU again stepped up to the challenge and developed proprietary procedures that met all of Methanex’s requirements, completed the repair and was able to get the plant back in production within a couple of weeks. Methanex has since published several technical articles about the repair that was done locally and given recognition by their stakeholders globally.