Case Study – Methanex (Titan) Waste Heat Boiler(s) Replacement

This project was divided into two segments; the 1st part was the Engineering Package required to design the extraction of the two WHBs and the 2nd segment was the actual execution of the plans and designs created during part 1 or the Engineering Package.

The original design and locations of the two WHBs which are connected to the Auto Thermal Reformer (ATR) left little options if they were to be replaced. A thorough design and engineering study was essential if there were to be any successful removal of these items. DATSU was contracted to provide the expertise and knowledge firstly to conduct the engineering study based on the problem at hand to successfully execute the plans and replace the two (2) Waste Heat Boilers.

The engineering package was compiled by DATSU’s team of skilled engineers using years of knowledge and experience, analyzing data supplied by Methanex as well as Engineering Software’s such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Simulation Mechanical and SAP 2000.

In September 2013 during the Titan Plant Turnaround the engineering package was implemented together with all the previously developed plans. The design involved a detailed rail system along which the WHBs would slide in and out of the containing steel structure. During the execution some challenges arose from poor soil foundation to new unforeseen obstacles. All these were properly analyzed by the engineering team and corrective measures together with modification to the designs where ever necessary were quickly and successfully implemented.

Despite its complexity and the constant discovery of new challenges DATSU was able to successfully complete the Titan Waste Heat Boiler Replacement Project.