Case Study: PCS Nitrogen O3 Turnaround

PCS Nitrogen in 2008,needed to replace the Primary Reformer Convection Section, this section existed between and supported the radiant sections of the reformer. PCS had outlined a repair methodology as a demo of the convection sections in place once the unit was shut down together with supporting the radiant sections and a rebuild with the new stacked sections. Planned execution phase was scheduled for approximately 30 days.

Through our technical expertise, DATSU was able to evaluate and engineer a means of installing temporary structural supports for the radiant sections while the plant was online, all which included the engineering studies for the removal of the entire convection section in one 300 Ton heavy lift. The project worked as planned and we were able to cut twelve days from the planned schedule. Upon completion,  PCS lobbied a message of congratulations from their headquarters in Chicago. As it turned out, several experts had told them the project “could not have been done.”