Datsu is focused on delivering results and the company has dedicated all its efforts in the continuous improvement of the service we provide. The company has always looked for quality as a priority goal that encourages us to raise the bar, providing to all our clients the highest guarantees of safe work practices, service, timely delivery and a workforce which represents the culmination of strategic planning, diligent research, experience and hard work.

Behind Datsu there is a team of highly qualified and committed employees, used to working with methodology in management of projects, in cross-functional teams, with orientation to the achievement of goals with the aim of providing cost effective and flexible solutions to our clients.

Our continuous improvement brings the desire to reply to the increasing needs of our clients by applying technological innovation and implementing solutions that is applicable to the most extreme working conditions.

Backed by our global strength and unrivaled local capabilities, we are now ideally positioned to deliver the most critical and challenging projects.
  • Our existing local presence with international support gives us the ability to mobilize and import certified, experienced and technical expertise within minimal timelines if required.
  • Support of shared knowledge for local content.
  • Provision of cost effective engineering, planning and execution.
  • The ability to mobilize a multidisciplined network and integrated strategy.
  • Our ability to support our clients with internationally approved systems and procedures.
  • Our ability to provide detailed engineered case studies prior to execution.
  • Reduce clients’ administrative output.